Cazenovia Public Library Read Aloud Program


What do you get when you put a Summer Reading Program, a Family Read Aloud Project, and a local food pantry together? Energy, inspiration, and togetherness, in spades!

Cazenovia Public Library has been a proud partner of Cazenovia’s local food pantry, CazCares, for nearly a decade. Betsy Kennedy, Director, says she is “happy to share the way we’re working together to transform people’s lives.”

How do you stock literacy in a food pantry?

In addition to offering food, clothing items, and other support services to local residents, CazCares delivers on its motto, “We stock LITERACY in our food pantry!” While parents receive services, their preschool age children can play, interact, and learn in the Story Room, a wonderful language- and literacy-rich environment sponsored by the Cazenovia Public Library. In the summer months the Story Room is opened up to school age children to help maintain and boost their literacy skills outside of the classroom. “Students get a real head start on the school year when they’ve continued reading and writing over the summer,” says Literacy Coordinator, Carla Zimmerman. “Our joint program at CazCares offers free books, support, and fun literacy activities to keep students involved and excited about learning all summer long.” Continue reading “Cazenovia Public Library Read Aloud Program”

Restaurant Reader tutorial


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Jacqui Davison is the Director of Hillsboro CARES (Community Advocates for Reading Enrichment and Success), the mother of three busy, book-loving boys, and a dairy farmer based in Hillsboro, Wisonsin.  Hillsboro CARES is an organization working to encourage reading in all places by all ages, and having it supported and promoted by the entire community.

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