Welcome to the Read Aloud Ideas blog!


Got inspiration?

Have it? Share it.

Need it? Find it.

We want inspiration to live here on the Read Aloud 15 MINUTES ideas blog.

We are proud to announce the opening of this new forum, where we will showcase great ideas by innovators and influencers and share how they are spreading the message of daily reading aloud for 15 minutes from birth.

We hope that our partners across the country will turn to this blog to find inspiring ideas that they can use in their communities — ideas they can build, morph, and maybe even better — toward our shared quest to transform daily reading aloud from a “nice” activity into an “essential” one.

What ideas? In the first few weeks we will highlight great — or should we say, brilliant? — initiatives already underway from partners including:

  • Restaurant readers. In Hillsboro, Wis., a group is putting laminated books into the hands of young diners and inspiring reading aloud at restaurants.
  • We can brand that! The United Way in Orange County has built a diverse coalition of community groups by raising awareness of its program, OC Reads, in innovative ways.
  • Hungry for knowledge. A library and a food pantry saw an opportunity to collaborate, and families have been the beneficiaries.

Read Aloud 15 MINUTES is more than a non-profit. It is, in essence, an idea. But ideas require action to become reality. That’s where our partners — that’s YOU —come in. This blog showcases ideas — the idea of Read Aloud 15 MINUTES — turned into action. We want you to share them, discuss them, enhance them….

… Do them.

Do you have a great initiative that is already making daily reading aloud for 15 MINUTES a reality in your community? We want to know about it! Share your ideas here and watch the seed of your inspiration grow into action in communities across the country.

Welcome to the Read Aloud Ideas blog. Together, we can make daily reading aloud for 15 MINUTES from birth a reality — and change the face of education in this country.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Read Aloud Ideas blog!

  1. Hello
    Today is the second day of our first annual NICU Read-a-Thon. In collaboration with the Circle of Hope our NICU staff is promoting early reading to new parents. We are encouraging parents to read to their baby 15 min every day. Our parents are given a board book, and Rock-a-Bye Baby Reader by Carole Olsen and Cheryl Schneider. Daily tips on reading are given and all staff members are helping spread the word. At the end of the two weeks, we plan to have a celebration luncheon.

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  2. Hello,
    Marion County Florida “Read Aloud” just currently partnered with Florida Center for the Blind!
    During a brainstorm session ,it was decided the two would partner together to create the first Read Aloud books for the sight impaired as well as their sighted family members to enjoy reading together!
    Braille Books are a wonderful tool for the sight impaired, however for the sighted it is nothing more than a blank paper with raised bumps. Making it impossible for the sighted to follow along.
    Now because of the partnership between Marion County Read Aloud & Florida Center for the Blind, children in our county can enjoy reading along with their families regardless of impairment!

    Happy Reading!!

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  3. The Nicu Readathon is awesome!
    Restaurant Readers, HungryforKnowledge- a food pantry
    Books can be incredibly vital to uplifting our spirits and minds… And to bring the cutest smile to the childrens faces any and everwhere!
    We brighten up their days, by sharing our time, our patient calm voices reassures them we truly care!

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  4. While I love the Read Aloud campaign and all that it stands for, I do have to ask how may of your books include diversity for other races, not slavery regarding Freedom, Thomas Jefferson, how many have pictures of other ethnicities where non-white children can read and relate to seeing someone with their own skin color doing something or being amazing?

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  5. Food banks are a fine source of “clients.” There you find the needy, and if they have pre-school children, reading to them will improve the child’s chances for a strong education which will help to carry them out of poverty. Books and instruction cards are given to parents with little ones, along with a pep talk.
    (Friendship Center Food Bank, North Adams, MA.) BOB BEHR

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  6. Marion county Florida has just introduce “My Reading Boat” it’s a fun and playful way to enjoy reading! You take a large plastic bin and cut the lid in half, place duct tape on the cut edges to protect from injury. Then place a medium size pillow inside. The child is encouraged to climb inside of their very own Reading Boat! There they can soar to new heights as they take a journey into literacy! If you are interested in receiving the written instruction’s for your very own “Reading Boat ” please contact Family Support Specialist SB6 Jolynne Knoll at The Early Learning Coalition (352)369-2315 ext.201 or jknoll@elc-marion.org

    Happy Reading!

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  7. Hello Readers! We are making head way here in Marion county with the Read Aloud 15 minutes! The community partner’s such as major automotive dealership’s as well as popular restaurant’s, medical office’s,carwashes etc..
    You name it the whole community is called to action!! Marion county is concerned with our children’s school readiness!
    Therefore they have allowed Read Aloud full access to their social media, websites, newsletters ,lobbies ,community boards, events, parent education classes! The skies the limit! So don’t forget when dealing with a potential partner to explore every aspect of that particular business as well as anyone they think could benefit from a partnership! Viewing every business as an individual. Our approach has been after explaining the initiative and mentioning what other partners in the community are doing, and then allow the potential partner to tell us how they can partner. Many times this opens the door for ideas or options that were not thought of previously!

    Happy New Year!

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  8. Marion County Read Aloud 15 minutes is ” Seizing the Summer”!!! No better way then joining forces with our schools and libraries as well as school media centers! Together we are making a difference in our county by promoting reading over the summer to prevent Summer Slide!
    Read Aloud is currently focusing on the top five failing elementary schools and all VPK & ESE classes in Marion county. It is our GOAL to provide a Read Aloud bag containing one new book and read aloud materials to every student
    prior to our last day of school which is May 26,2017.
    We realize the challenge, as we are only part time! But we are very confident we will rise to the occasion!
    Last year Marion County Read Aloud had a Goal to add 100 more community partners by this fiscal year.
    I am pleased to announce we have well exceeded that GOAL!!! We currently we have 273 partners!! We added 155 new partners!!

    Embrace teachable moments!!


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